Monday, May 3, 2010

How Art helps Marketing

No matter what other people say, I believe that designing logo for a business is actually an art form. The creative process is a painful journey which results into joy of creation. Artists who cherish freedom might not enjoy what we do as logo designers. But we enjoy when we can create something that explains a carefully crafted idea to benefit an organization.

Attractive design and beautiful illustrations can do wonders for businesses. However even the best designs fail when they are used with inexperienced hands. Obtaining an artistic logo design is not enough, businesses need to know how they can market the artistic idea behind their logo design.

And when we are talking about art for business, let us not forget other graphic design feilds such as brochure design, banner design, poster design and so on. I would go as far as including web design in the category too. The combination of color, design and aesthetic sense or organized structures is what good web design is all about. But again good design is not good marketing.

Good marketing is when the businesses apply the designs created by the designers keeping in mind the style and message these designs communicate. We all have seen amazing designs displayed at bad places or used ineffectively. This is not just the waste of resources but also affects the brand itself.

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