Sunday, August 1, 2010

Make The Web Easier - One Website At a Time

World Usability Day Vienna

Every day there are thousands of new websites appearing on the web. If you are a small business you would notice that in your industry, in your region, there are new websites appearing every day. The growth of the web is magnificent, but is it useful as well?

Certainly, information and the abundance of it is very useful for human society as a whole. However, people publishing this information on the web, do they make it easier for the users to find it and use it the way they want?

Sadly, this is not true in most cases. A large number of websites are not very usable as far as usability standards are concerned. Even more websites follow any accessibility standards and very few follow the coding standards. Designers are forced by their clients to create websites that are more eye candy and less practical. The web design industry is growing because of the business brought to it by the small businesses and unfortunately these small businesses believe that if they are paying for the design they must get the most out of their money.

The purpose of design is not primarily to create eye candy. The purpose of design is to make things easier so that they can achieve the goals and fulfill their purpose. A web design is good if it helps a business grow, increases the sales, or brings more loyal customers. A web design that is extremely pretty but otherwise not very helpful is a bad web design.

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