Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life of a Fantastic Logo Design

Logo Design Case Study This logo design of the world's most famous soft drink is around since more than a century now. It hasn't died, and even though the company had tried new logo designs in the past but none of them worked as good as this one. The reasons are strong consumer association with the brand identity.

This logo design shows us that if you create a fantastic logo design and run it with an extremely resourceful marketing campaign then your logo design would stick to the subconscious of the consumers. This logo would become not only the identity of the product but it could also become a pop culture icon.

The logo designs like that of Coca Cola are not very common though. Most businesses keep changing their logos by the time to meet their needs. For example expansion of business interests and areas would need a new re-branding campaign which begins with the redesign of the logo. It is not necessary to change the design completely, in fact such a practice could be devastating. However little improvements in an already established brand could bring great changes.

Most small businesses usually do not understand or can not afford re-branding their identity. First of all small business owners usually can not afford aggressive business expansions, which leads them to believe that they do not need aggressive branding and marketing either. However, research has proved that small businesses can do much better and can even get to a point where they could actually launch aggressive business moves by spending wisely on their brand identity and effective marketing. Effective marketing begins with a brand identity by building graphic images that become an icon of your business.

These graphic images or logos can be designed by yourself at home or you can always hire a professional logo designer to do the job. You can even find logo design companies that would do not only your logo but would also provide you with stationary design, templates, web design, brochures and other marketing tools. In the upcoming posts we will discuss these tools and how they can be used for effective marketing.

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