Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freelance Logo Design - Not a smart choice

Why you should not hire a freelance logo designer to create your corporate logo design? Even though the reasons are quite obvious, but discussing these reasons might help us better understand our choices.

More people working means More Ideas and Concepts:
Even a smaller logo design company maintains a qualified staff with varying skills and experiences. This means that the client gets a variety of designs and concepts from more than one designer.

Reliability Factor:
When a freelancer is working on your logo there is no one to watch him or guide him except the client. Since the clients usually don’t have a degree in fine arts or design they often fail to communicate with the freelancer. Miscommunication may result into either dismissal of the job or a bad outcome. On the other hand, in a professional logo design company the designers are working under the direct supervision of the company and the client’s needs are communicated through the channels of customer support and sales departments. These departments usually have trained staff that is able to communicate with the clients effectively.

Bigger Projects and Expansion Plans:
Freelancers take much longer time if they are hired to do bigger projects. This time and the monetary resources can be saved by hiring professional companies with skills and staff to handle bigger projects in a timely fashion. Also freelancers have availability issues, for example you might need something to compliment your logo, for example a brochure design, and the freelance designer might be busy with other projects at that time.

Large Pool of Services:
A freelance logo designer may only offer you specialized services in the field of their expertise. However if you hire a professional logo design company they usually offer variety of services and packages to choose from.

In the end work with a professional design firm means better ideas and concepts, more creativity, more reliability and the timely completion of the project. This is how businesses should hire service providers that help them save time and resources and give the best possible outcome of the money spent.

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