Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Calm and Soothing - Logos of Spas and Saloons

It really fascinates me how so many logo design artists come up with the same idea when designing a logo for a particular type of business. For example, when they are designing a logo for a law firm you would see that a great many of them will come up with the idea of incorporating the lady justice or her scale into the logo.

Some might argue that it is such a shame that these cheap logo design companies come up with stereotypical ideas. Well actually it is not that they are lazy, its just that they have professionals who do not care much about creating something a new instead they would just stick to the rule book of logo design that they have hidden in their desk drawer.

For example lets have a look at the logos of Spas and Saloons created by some logo design companies and the artists. Notice that almost all of them incorporate the same style element into their logos. These elements are elegance, femenine touch, colors, curves and lines that represent female body.

This is the logo os some Real Spa Thalasso. Notice the colors and the curves. 
This is the logo of Maiden spa, instead of using the shades that i mentioned they used black and white but a figure of female body and elegance element is still there.

Now have a look at a non typical logo of a Spa.

This is the logo of a Girl's Gotta Spa Inc. Visit their website 

This logo design is different and creative. It uses a combination of different colors prominently pink, even though it does use a female figure but the femenine curves of the body are replaced with a fun looking portrayal of a comic character. The typeface is not so deadly elegant but a fun elegant. Now even though it does use the similar style elements but it is not an stereotypical logo design of a spa and people would definitely notice it and love it.

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