Monday, March 22, 2010

Inspiring Lives by Logo Design

As we have discussed earlier that a logo is not just an advertising gimmick, it speaks volumes about many things and has socio-cultural aspects as well.

In the United States Geoff Livingston, a prominent blogger/ web media guru has recently got a logo tattooed on his arm. Livingston announced that he if raised $5000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, he will get organization’s logo tattooed on his arm as a payback and to thank the contributors. Lance Armstrong Foundation is an organization that works for cancer patient's welfare and cancer research.

Finished Product - @LiveStrong Tattoo

Just like you would expect from a web communication expert, Livingston used facebook and twitter to spread the word about the cause among his social networks, he also raised money during the SxSW event in Austin, Texas. Once he crossed the $5000 USD mark, Livingston got himself tattooed. With the help of his blogging, social networks and public speaking Mr. Livingston raised the amount. He then asked the readers of his blog to help him choose a logo design for the tattoo and based on reader suggestions he picked up Livestrong Halo as the logo.


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