Monday, March 1, 2010

Understanding Client's Logo Design Idea

As professional logo designers you would often come across clients who will demand that you do exactly what they have in their mind and most of the time you would find their ideas ridiculous. There are two things that you should consider in such situations. First of all you should take client’s idea seriously. Secondly, you need to learn how to be creative in strictly limited artistic freedom

Small businesses are very conscious about their existing clientele, particularly those who are in the business for some time and have decided to finally get brand logo. Their customers already know them and have their own perception of the brand. So when a client is forcing you to draw something in a particular way, you need to understand how they think they are perceived by their clients. Then you need to discuss this so that you could come up something that is closer to how your client thinks their business should look to potential and existing customers.

Effective communication between a logo designer and the client is essential for a good logo design. However, since your clients are not graphic designers themselves, it would be difficult for them to convey their ideas to you. So you should approach them by asking them questions about what they want to be done. Specially a logo designer must understand they values of the business or brand, what are the targeted markets, how the business promotes itself and so on.

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