Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PepsiCo Logo Design and World Domination

Remember Swastika, During the WWII Hitler’s ambitions to conquer to world and impose his ideologies on the world were often reflected by that sign. Later on, Hollywood took over the legacy of Hitler and continued to associate the swastika with Evil Geniuses.

In today’s corporate world the largest multinational corporations do not hesitate to show their ideologies about conquering the world and dominating entire global market. Well of course we cannot compare these corporations with the Nazi Hitler, but there is similarity between today’s multinationals and Nazi Germany, dreams of total world domination.

Here are some examples from PepsiCo’s logo’s representing planet earth and company’s global reach.

The New Pepsi 3D Logo Design

Pepsico Corporate Logo Design Global Expansion Products covering the Globe

Pepsico Corporate Globe Logo Again surrounded by Products

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