Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Logos That Speak Volumes

A quality logo is not just a pretty picture created with sophisticated graphics tools. It is an image that portrays an organization or a business. It can convey lots of information, facts, stories and promises to the viewer. It can become a part of the lives of people and it could become synonymous to trust and quality.

Toy Story 3 Logo © Disney . Pixar

These wonderful images represent stories of the business, stories of happenings around that business and stories of its customers. By the time, customers become acquainted by this image and it makes them feel comfortable, cared, and relaxed. This powerful visual representation acts like a spokesperson for an organization. It tells the purpose of the business, the values and practices this business follows, and the promises and assurances it makes.

It bow downs to greet the viewers, politely invites them in to try the services or products, encourages them to ask questions, and tries to convince them. It inspires the creative sensitivities of the viewers, evokes emotions, and provokes thoughts.

There is so much that this tiny little image can do. Those who do not pay attention to own one are living in fool’s paradise.

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